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Dr. Backstrom has more than 20 years of experience in organization and leadership development including executive coaching, workshop design and delivery, team interventions and meeting facilitation. Her experience spans organizations in the for-profit, not-for-profit and public sector arenas.

Conflicted About Conflict? Four Steps for Reaching Resolution at Work

Answer the following question: Is workplace conflict a) uncomfortable, b) necessary, c) preventable or d) all of the above? If you picked D, go to the head of the class. Conflict is natural and normal, and it helps teams advance their work. In fact, conflict and goal achievement are natural partners. According to Harvard Business Review, conflict can improve ideas, expose risks and generate trust. Healthy conflict also spurs creativity, broad thinking and respectful relationships. Unhealthy conflict, on the other hand, is a Petri dish for distrust, disrespect and infighting.

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Women: Start Working Out Loud

As women, we don't always feel encouraged to share our contributions at work. Confident women are sometimes seen as less likable, and some women are uncomfortable taking credit for projects and sharing their past successes because they fear backlash (though self-promoting can be a key to opening career opportunities). I believe this shows the importance of women developing a strong voice so they can "work out loud."

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Women: Make Your Presence Known

Women are strong leaders who continue to infiltrate into more prominent and visible positions. Take, for example, the new Congress that just swore in a record 127 women. Or that women lead organizations such as GM, Anthem and IBM. This side of the equation undeniably demonstrates examples in which women have reaped success.

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Influence Others By First Making An Impact

Influence comes in many forms and fashions. Its scope isn't limited to one-on-one interactions but includes all aspects of work, including team discussions, decision making and meetings. Influence is also agnostic when it comes to title or position. These aren't always enough to persuade others, nor are you always in a position of power. Regardless of your title, your position or the situation, the purpose of influence all comes down to one word: impact.

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