How women leaders can activate self-awareness, amplify their authentic talents, and accelerate workplace change

Dr. Heather Backstrom’s Collaborative Confidence is a practical and informative handbook that women—and their employers—can turn to when in need of guidance or inspiration.


Backstrom brings her own voice—and evident confidence—to [business books] along with an effective narrative structure, making it a solid addition to a crowded bookshelf.


If you’re in any form of an executive role in your profession or feeling somewhat stagnant in your career, this is just the book you need to read.

—Readers’ Favorite

An impassioned guide challenging women leaders to build confidence and unite.

—BookLife, Editor’s Pick

Heather’s Activate-Amplify-Accelerate framework takes readers on an engaging and actionable journey from self-discovery to large scale transformation.

—Tina Robinson, former Global Head of Leadership Development, Fabletics

This book is a must-read for women who have found themselves struggling with confidence at any time in their lives. Brilliantly written with stories about some of the most amazing women leaders around the world, Collaborative Confidence is the next step in creating more inclusive workspaces.” 

—Seattle Book Review

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Dr. Heather Backstrom brings 25 years of corporate human resources and executive coaching experience to Collaborative Confidence, an inclusive, open, and fulfilling new method for women to grow, share, and lead at work. By using her three pillars—Activate, Amplify and Accelerate—Dr. Backstrom demonstrates how women leaders can:

  • Work in alignment with their values and embrace the best opportunities
  • Effectively showcase their unique skills and talents
  • Foster executive presence
  • Demonstrate their impact and enhance their influence
  • Encourage and advocate for other women
  • Bring about meaningful and substantive change for women in the workplace

When women engage in Collaborative Confidence, they are naturally truer to themselves, and help other women feel the same. Combining stories, research, and Dr. Backstrom’s many years of experience with actionable takeaways, Collaborative Confidence is written to help you weave together a happy and fulfilling life and career. Activate your self-awareness, inner champion, core values, and strengths; Amplify your visibility and accomplishments, as well as other women leaders; and Accelerate human-centric organizational cultures to discover a career that truly reflects your passions, values, and goals.

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