Improv For Teams

Forget about

“no, but”

and learn how to

“yes, and.”

Improv for Teams offers hands-on learning that impacts several key areas of the business environment including idea generation and integration, collaboration, risk-taking, trust and conflict resolution. The strength of a team directly impacts the overall effectiveness of an organization.

The Improv for Teams workshop gives new gives new (and fun!) ways to enhance the strength of your team through:

  • Ensemble: Take your team to the next level by embodying the principles of ensemble work where everyone on the team is a contributor.
  • Failure: Mistakes and miss-steps can fuel creativity. And when failure isn’t associated with punishment then people are more willing to speak openly and try new things.
  • Listening: Listening with more receptivity and depth is a priority for team members, leaders, and anyone who wants to be more effective.