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What you can expect

Each leader and team are unique. That’s why you can expect a curated approach that’s tailored just for you. Whether it’s a one-on-one coaching engagement or a workshop, it will be designed just for you based upon your goals. 

Find New Heights

Let’s work together to amplify your effectiveness. Whether you’re a leader looking for one-on-one coaching or wanting to invigorate your team’s capabilities through a dynamic workshop, together we’ll build strategies that energize you confidently toward your goals.

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“Heather has helped an anxious, often overwhelmed person I am, become more confident and focused on how I want my job to work for me. She has helped guide me toward my goals and my desired reality. Her focus on mindfulness has helped me both in my business as well as personally. Defining and separating what is important with what is not. I used to think I didn’t have time in my busy day to meet with someone like Heather. Now, I am not sure how I survived without it!”

– Eric C., Insurance Professional

“Working with Heather has helped me become a more purposeful driver of my professional and personal lives. She provides a powerful feedback stream that helps me come to terms with my blindsides and get out of my own way.”

– Teresa F., Regional Branch Manager, Credit Union

“My coaching experience with Heather was probably the most beneficial six months of my career. She helped me create the foundation that I have built on over the past year. The most valuable thing I would say I learned from our time was how to relate situations to something I identify with personally. I’m able to accept and control things with little to no stress and I have to say I completed my first year in my new position with an excellent year end appraisal.”

– Greg P., Assistant Chief Operations Officer, Water District

“Heather has encouraged me to see myself more objectively and to work within my leadership style to achieve a new momentum. In the past, a major stumbling block in my leadership growth was working against my style so I could ‘fit’ into what others wanted me to be. Heather has provided new tools and insights for me to work within my style and to communicate effectively – with better results.”

– Diane J., Sr. VP Human Resources, Credit Union

“My coaching experience with Heather has been phenomenal! With her coaching and guidance I have learned to be a better leader and improve my strategic skills which has allowed me to flourish in my career. I have received positive feedback from both my boss and my staff. I have seen the great benefits from my coaching with Heather.”

– Addie A., VP of Finance, Credit Union

“Working with Dr. Heather Backstrom has been a transformation both personally and professionally. She looks at the whole picture and thoughtfully questions and provides suggestions for growth. In just five months of working with Heather, our firm utilizes a new (and improved) organizational method, revenue has gone up, and priorities are better recognized. The greatest gift from working with Heather though, is the ability to feel present because of the tools she gives you. I would wholeheartedly Backstrom Leadership Strategies!”

– Kristen J., Attorney

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 How women leaders can activate self-awareness, amplify their authentic talents, and accelerate workplace change