Our custom services are designed to get results and include:

  • C-suite executive coaching
  • Director and managerial level executive coaching
  • Strategies for new team leaders
  • Team development strategies including team assessments and workshops
  • Multi-tiered programs encompassing coaching, workshops and on-the-job projects
  • Facilitating strategic planning sessions
  • Board retreats
  • Board development

Offering multi-layered programs encompassing coaching,workshops,team diagnostics,

strategic planning and meeting facilitation


Our tailored, customized coaching engagements are designed to generate transformational change. Through one-on-one coaching, assessments and personalized support materials our aim is to help you reach your goals.

We offer a variety of individualized engagements including:

  • Executive coaching
  • High potential coaching
  • Personal brand coaching

Our engagements include assessments (i.e., DiSC, MBTI, 360°, TKI), goal setting, action plans, books and articles.


Our action-oriented, highly interactive custom and standard workshops are designed to generate transformational change for individuals and teams. It’s all about getting results through people.

We offer programs for executive leadership, managers and teams including:

The Leader Within

Your leadership comes from within and moves out to influence others. As a leader you may end up spending more of your time and energy on “doing” and very little on “being.” This can result in an overemphasis on tasks leaving your relationships in a deficit.

  • Explore your leadership from three spheres of influence
  • Understand your leadership style and it’s on others
  • Learn a simple, yet powerful model for success

Coaching: Creating Shared Leadership

Coaching is one of the most powerful tools to boost engagement, generate ownership, foster trust and increase productivity.

  • Learn skills that a coaching leader uses
  • Leverage the power of listening
  • Learn about the power of asking questions
  • Motivate rather than direct

Conflict: Friend and Foe

Conflict is routine. It happens nearly every day with some conflicts being mild and others substantive. How it’s handled influences productivity, communication, creativity, decision making, collaboration and much more.

  • How language, thoughts and feelings affect conflict
  • Learn the 5 common modes of conflict
  • Understand ways to diffuse conflict triggers
  • Learn responses to conflict giving you the results you want

Personal Brand: Authentically You

A strong personal brand fosters productive relationships, reduces misunderstandings and impacts organizational effectiveness.

  • Learn the principles of a strong personal brand
  • Leverage the power of perceptions
  • Gain strategies for perception management
  • Understand the strength of a personal brand promise and develop your own

What’s Your Type?

Sometimes relationships are strained because of personality differences and that drains results. Having a better understanding of your personality style, and a greater appreciation for others’, improves relationships and results.

  • Learn your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) type
  • Understand differences among the types
  • Gain strategies for working with people of other types
  • Leverage the power of different types

Improv for Teams

The strength of a team directly impacts the effectiveness of an organization. Improv gives new (and fun!) ways to enhance the strength of a team through:

  • “Yes, and” rather than “no, but”: Through learning and applying “yes, and” teams are more inventive, collaborative and quicker to solve problems.
  • Ensemble: Take your team to the next level by embodying the principles of ensemble work where everyone on the team is a contributor.
  • Failure: Creativity spawns from failure. And when failure isn’t associated with punishment then people are more willing to speak openly and try new things.
  • Listening: Listening with more receptivity and depth is a priority for team members, leaders and anyone who wants to be more effective.

The Improv for Teams workshop offers hands-on learning that impact several key areas of the business environment:

  • Idea generation and integration
  • Collaboration
  • Risk taking
  • Trust
  • Conflict resolution
  • Confidence boosting