Executive Coaching

Through customized one-on-one coaching engagements, my aim is to help you reach your goals and generate transformational change. Your tailored coaching program may include assessments (such as DiSC, MBTI, 360˚, TKI) coupled with goal setting, action plans, and support materials. These are designed to help you open up pathways and develop a vision of growth toward your goals. Together we’ll tap into your hidden potential and help you reach new heights of success in your professional life.

Offering a variety of individualized
engagements including:

  • Executive and senior leader coaching
  • High potential coaching
  • Collaborative Confidence™ coaching
  • New leader coaching

These signature coaching programs include:

  • 12 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Personalized 360˚ assessment and debrief
  • Goal setting
  • Alignment meetings with sponsor
  • Pulse feedback from supporters to help track your progress
  • Personality assessment (i.e., DiSC, MBTI) and debrief
  • Book on leadership or teamwork
  • Tools, resources and exercises tailored to you
  • Email communication and phones calls between sessions as appropriate


Collaborative Confidence® is a program that builds on the talents and strengths of women to showcase their distinctive leadership skills. Cultivating empowered women leaders® is the foundational belief behind the program. Whether through one-on-one coaching, a workshop or a retreat women leaders will get a first-hand experience of the three transformative pillars of Collaborative Confidence®: activate, amplify, and accelerate. Participants will also develop strategies for uplifting and empowering other women.


This dynamic program is designed to equip women leaders with actionable strategies to further boost their voice, strengths, and contributions at work. Cultivating empowered women leaders is at the heart of the workshop. By learning and applying the three pillars of Collaborative Confidence® (activate, amplify, and accelerate) women leaders will:

  • Strengthen their confidence.
  • Be encouraged to speak up and speak often.
  • Bolster risk-taking.
  • Encourage and amplify the contributions of other women.


Learn to heighten your confidence and the confidence of other women through the three pillars of Collaborative Confidence®: activate, amplify, and accelerate. Cultivating empowered women leaders is the foundational belief that ties these pillars together. A centerpiece of our coaching is raising your awareness of the behaviors and mindsets that build your confidence and weaken it. We’ll amplify your confidence with new actions, behaviors, and attitudes that showcase the strong, capable, and powerful leader you are. Together we’ll accelerate your agency by grabbing opportunities and solidifying your place as a distinctive leader, all while amplifying the confidence of other women. By applying these pillars you’ll experience the powerful force of cultivating empowered women leaders.


Escape to a peaceful and relaxed setting, where we’ll explore the three pillars of Collaborative Confidence®- activate, amplify, and accelerate. Through the spaciousness of time and the bond of a supportive community, you’ll experience the power of cultivating empowered women leaders. You’ll have the opportunity to boost your voice and strengths as you uncover the power of Collaborative Confidence®. You’ll also identify specific actions to fortify you on your Collaborative Confidence® journey.


Our engaging and interactive keynotes center on the three pillars of Collaborative Confidence®: activate, amplify, and accelerate. Combined, the pillars are the powerful force behind cultivating empowered women leaders. These keynotes are dynamic, interactive and actionable, and can be adjusted for audiences of any size.

Improv For Teams

Forget about “no, but” and learn how to “yes, and.” Improv for Teams offers hands-on learning that impacts several key areas of the business environment including idea generation and integration, collaboration, risk-taking, trust and conflict resolution. The strength of a team directly impacts the overall effectiveness of an organization. The Improv for Teams workshop gives new gives new (and fun!) ways to enhance the strength of your team through:

  • Ensemble: Take your team to the next level by embodying the principles of ensemble work where everyone on the team is a contributor.
  • Failure: Mistakes and miss-steps can fuel creativity. And when failure isn’t associated with punishment then people are more willing to speak openly and try new things.
  • Listening: Listening with more receptivity and depth is a priority for team members, leaders, and anyone who wants to be more effective.



Engage in group workshops that are customed designed to be experiential, highly interactive and generate transformational change. Workshops are centered around your goals and amplifying your success.


Communication, personality preferences, values and motivation all have the power to drive a team’s effectiveness. In this workshop, participants will take and utilize the DiSC instrument to understand the nuances that can affect team performance. Learning outcomes from this workshop include:

  • Understand the 4 personality styles (D, I, S C).
  • Understand how the styles blend, clash and interact with each other.
  • Learn to communicate more effectively by understanding the styles of others and adjusting accordingly.


When leaders coach they develop powerful leadership competencies that enable their team to perform more effectively. Leading like a coach goes beyond simply managing employees. This workshop focuses on the mindset, skills and structure to lead like a coach. Learning outcomes include:

  • Learn the difference between a traditional manager and a coach leader.
  • Explore and apply a coaching model.
  • Understand the power of asking questions and listening.
  • Action planning and follow-up.


The ability to influence others effectively and authentically is a fundamental leadership skill. On a daily-basis, leaders have to influence and gain buy-in from their team, as well as others (colleagues, customers, etc.). Savvy leaders know that influence is not simply about exerting power, its about cultivating effective relationships. Learning outcomes include:

  • Explore influencing styles, including your own.
  • Cultivate support for your ideas while being open to other people’s views.
  • Explore motives and interests as it relates to exercising influence.


Conflict is a normal and regular workplace occurrence. Recognizing moments of conflict and understanding your own relationship to it are just two key ways of handling it effectively. By taking a conflict style assessment before the workshop, we’ll examine how you and your team members respond to conflict. Learning outcomes include:

  • Explore the language, thoughts and feelings associated with conflict.
  • Learn the common ways in which people respond to conflict.
  • Understand how the team as a whole tends to respond to conflict.
  • Explore options for diffusing conflict triggers.


Sometimes relationships are strained because of personality differences and that drains results. Having a better understanding of your personality style, and a greater appreciation for others’, improves relationships and results. Learning outcomes include:

  • Learn your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).
  • Understand differences among personality types.
  • Gain strategies for working with people of other personality types.
  • Leverage the power of different personality types.