As women, we don’t always feel encouraged to share our contributions at work. Confident women are sometimes seen as less likable, and some women are uncomfortable taking credit for projects and sharing their past successes because they fear backlash (though self-promoting can be a key to opening career opportunities). I believe this shows the importance of women developing a strong voice so they can “work out loud.”

From my perspective, “working out loud” can provide women with two specific benefits: First, it connects the dots so others more clearly see how their contributions create tangible, business results. Secondly, it can bolster their own confidence, which in turn can help make it easier to work out loud.

As a coach, I’ve observed that even seasoned and experienced women sometimes need a bit of encouragement to work out loud. So, I’ve worked to help them understand the value of relying upon colleagues for support. I’ve also provided tips on having more of a voice in the workplace and encouraged them to simply observe when they admire how another woman performs in a professional environment.

Coaching has helped me develop a few ways you can become more comfortable when speaking up in the workplace. Let’s take a closer look at what it truly means to work out loud and how you can get started:

Do it together.

You don’t have to feel alone in the workplace. Enroll other women to work out loud — together. Let’s look at two scenarios that exemplify this.